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“For over a decade I have had the pleasure of working with Luxe d’Europa. I find their unique, client focused services invaluable to my client base. As a Trusts and Estates attorney, I have benefitted from their counsel and awareness of our mutual client’s “big picture.” Ellen and Kim help clients manage the financial, professional and personal challenges of life with greater ease and less stress. I look forward to our continued professional collaboration with the goal of achieving the best outcome for each client we serve together. ”
Jennifer T. Fleming
Attorney, Prince Lobel Tye LLP

“I have been working with Luxe d’Europa for several years now and am so thankful that I decided to start this journey. They have helped me identify issues that have stood in the way of finding peace, happiness and success in my life. Who I am now is in no small part due to their encouragement, support, guidance and commitment. I have made huge strides in several areas of my life and have been evolving into the woman I always knew I could be. Kimberley and Ellen’s expertise, honesty and grace have allowed me the space to soar and face any challenge head on with confidence, whether it be managing my very complicated financial situation, helping me find a nursing home for my father or helping me navigate being a single mom of four kids. I was able to find the hidden treasures in my life by having someone show me how to cut through the brambles in front of my eyes. I will end with something that Kim ALWAYS says to me at the end of each of our meetings.. “You are AMAZING”! Well, back at you!”
Susan M., Client

“Luxe d’Europa has become a valued part of our core team. Their experience, can do attitude, intelligence, and warmth make them indispensable to us and our clients. Thank you for coming into our lives.”
Jordan Heller, CPA, CFA, CFP®
President, Heller Wealth Advisors LLC

“Our family was stunned and overwhelmed with the news of our father’s death. We didn’t know where to turn or what to do with such a complex estate. Thankfully, our advisors referred us to Luxe d’Europa for help. They hit the ground running and quickly assessed the situation. They took charge of chaotic files and finances and made sense of them. They were even able to coordinate the sale of several international properties. Kim and Ellen took my job as executor from overwhelming to something I could manage.
Thank you Kim and Ellen,”
Mark W., Client

“Luxe d’Europa has provided my client with expertise and execution across a wide spectrum. From help with daily budgeting to obtaining the right lawyer with a specific niche practice to raising liquidity to gaining self-confidence, they provided a range of services that successfully put my client on solid ground to move forward with her life in a strong, positive manner.”
Financial Advisor
Morgan Stanley