Our Commitment

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“Why Luxe d’Europa?”

Our attention and sensitivity to detail enable us to deliver a unique level of service. We evaluate each client situation individually, ensuring that all service providers offer exactly the right skill set, experience level and personality, thereby eliminating any need for our client to research, hire or monitor providers.

Always meeting in the privacy of your home, we can create a plan to restore your ease of living.

Value to Our Clients

Through extensive experience in the financial services industry focusing on the needs of high net worth individuals, the principals of Luxe d’Europa bring both depth of understanding and breadth of experience and expertise to each client situation. With time being most essential to quality of life, we seek and create ways to eliminate the burdens on our clients’ lives and help restore the joy of living. Our goal is to bring objectivity, peace of mind, and positive change to our clients through solutions, support, clarity, and advice.

Our Commitment

We ensure complete objectivity by refusing to accept reimbursements or referral fees from third party providers. You can be assured that we always fully disclose all of our fees ahead of time and any payments that we make on your behalf. Our integrity is paramount–we adhere to the highest ethical standards and guarantee absolute confidentiality.